About me

I use seismology and some remote sensing to study the earth, planets, and their moons. I write my own seismic wavefield modeling code “AstroSeis” and also use other forward modeling codes to simulate wave propagation in solid planets and small bodies. These modeling work need lots of computation, so my work could involve a lot of use of supercomputer and GPU to accelerate my work. I also participate in the design of the Venus Seismometer, so my work involves designing triggering algorithms and machine-learning-based events detection algorithms for seismometers in high temperature and pressure. I also use Hyper Spectral data to study coastal margins in the arctic region. Here are some projects I’m involved in.

Tidal-seismic resonance between planets and their moons


Resonance between seismic wavefield and tidal force. It can change the falling trajectory of a moon to the planet.

3-D seismic wavefield modeling for irregular bodies


Topography’s effect on seismic wavefield at different frequency

Events catalog building and triggering algorithm for Venus seismometer


SAEVe concept and instrument locations

Aerial hyperspectral image processing